Melaleuca Wellness-what is this all about?

My neighbor approached me the other day because he was concerned about my health. Noticing that I had gained almost 100 pounds since starting to work from home, he knew he had to step in and say something before it was too late.  I was introduced to a company by the name of Melaleuca and their Melaleuca business opportunity too. He said that Melaleuca was a company that focused on developing products that were very very healthy for people and the world.  He was trying to show me how to stop harming myself by using better products which in turn do not harm our earth.  I decided to do some homework on Melaleuca Wellness.  Here is a little bit of what I have learned.

MELALEUCA WELLNESS is a corporation with leadership on a specific mission.  Of course all “missions” are dependant on money to fuel their goals and simply to allow them to survive in the market.  Melaleuca Wellness Company helps since most people find difficulty defining their own direction in their lives and a company like Melaleuca gives these people a built in mission that they can incorporate into their lives.

MELALEUCA WELLNESS mission in partial is to deliver wellness to North Americans and abroad.  They develop, manufacture and sell over 350 of the world’s leading wellness products paving the way for a much needed Melaleuca home business in this economy.  These products are created for use in your home and for your family.  With the highest standards of safety, health, and wellness in mind, the products are  carefully crafted and they are products you use every day.

Melaleuca wellness also assists people by helping:


-Mothers and Fathers that have decided to stay at home and raise the family

-create business professionals

-helping people like you and me to secure their retirement

-helping famiies get out of debt


For all of us who struggle as visionaries, we need to learn about the leadership and future prosperity that the Melaleuca wellness affords us.



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